Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Focus T25 - Speed 1.0

In the middle of a burpee

So we just finished night two of Focus T25.

Wanna know a secret? I think I nailed it on night one. I so nailed it that I thought maybe Focus T25 was going to be too easy for me.

Wanna know another secret?

I'm an idiot.

Night two, which was Speed 1.0, kicked my ass. I'm going to give an assist to 95 degree temperatures along with trademarked Massachusetts summer humidity, but that workout, man oh man, it kicked my ass.

It's tough to take a picture of a punch -
you're either blurry or look like you're
flexing like a jerk
At the end of the workout I took of my shirt and it seriously felt like I must've just gotten out from a rain storm. My shirt was soaked.

This particular routine reminded me a bit of Asylum Volume 2 due to the footwork and almost elements of choreography (you're not dancing, but you're moving very specifically). One or two of the moves did not come naturally to me at all, which may have been a blessing in disguise as it gave me more down time. During one of the moves with more involved footwork I remarked "I feel like I'm broken." I felt like a toy that could only move in very specific ways.

Like Asylum Volume 2 - I expect to be much more comfortable with the footwork the next time I do the routine and each time after it. Thankfully a lot of the drills are repeated so you can really go after it the second or third time around. By the end of the video I felt much more confident about the moves that were giving me trouble just 5 to 10 minutes prior.

Here's a stretch you do in Speed 1.0
Like all of the routines in Focus T25, the program was only 25 minutes. I don't know about you, but  when I hit 25, or under 20 minutes of a workout remaining I start thinking things like "Almost there", "just a little more time," and "I got this." When the whole workout is 25 minutes you're feeling good really quick. The end is in sight. A 25 minute workout was perfect tonight since I had a hard, long workday where I had already done lots of physical work, it was in the 90s and humid and I stayed late in the office to catch back up after our recent trip to Beachbody Coach Summit. This 25 minute workout was something I could get myself to start.

There was a nice pattern during this video. The tag line is that this routine focuses on stretching, stability and sweat. This means that you're working hard for the whole 25 minutes, covering the sweat part (and covering you in sweat.) This means that you're doing a variety of footwork moves for the whole stability part. And this even means that in the middle of the workout you'll stop everything and do a (usually pretty unique) stretch. The structure of the workout is interesting, particularly with the stretches mixed in as you suddenly stop. You come to love the stretching so you can wipe the sweat away.

To provide a bit of an idea about this workout here are our stats from the first time we did Focus T25 - Speed 1.0 --

GET IT DONE: IN  25 MINUTES A DAY!Doro (28 y/o female)

226 Calories Burned
Average Heart Rate - 150
Max Heart Rate - 179
Fat Zone - 5:53
Fit Zone - 21:11

Mike (29 y/o male)
317 Calories Burned
Average Heart Rate - 153
Max Heart Rate - 178
Fat Zone - 4:08
Fit Zone - 21:02

We'll be writing here about our experiences during Focus T25 and sharing our stats along the way over the course of the program and during particular workouts.

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*Additional workout stats - 

7/3/13 Workout

Doro (28 y/o female)

230 Calories Burned
Average Heart Rate - 148
Max Heart Rate - 185
Fat Zone - 9:44
Fit Zone - 18:19

Mike (30 y/o male)

354 Calories Burned
Average Heart Rate - 141
Max Heart Rate - 174
Fat Zone - 11:28
Fit Zone - 20:40