Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Focus T25 - First Week Review


So the first week of Focus T25 is done and I'm hooked.

We - Coach Mike and Coach Doro - are doing Focus T25 together. The first workout we've done together since the start of this year when we did Les Mills Combat.

When we heard about this workout we were so stoked. We're huge fans of the Shaun T workouts. Both of us are Insanity, Asylum 1, and Asylum 2 graduates. We own Hip Hop Abs so we've done experienced the "tilt, tuck and tighten." We even both completed Insanity Trainer Certifications (which we'll write about soon). So when we heard there was a new Shaun T workout we started watching the calendar.

This workout came at the absolute perfect time (time will be a bit of a running theme here.)

We had taken a week off to attend Beachbody Coach Summit. You know what happens when you take a week off? Yup. You come back to a TON of work. So it's been a lot of long days and even some work on weekends since we got back. However, with T25 on the schedule we haven't had to sacrifice our workouts.

At the end of a long work day it's really easy to convince yourself that you don't have time for an hour workout. It's a lot harder to convince yourself that you don't have time for a 25 minute workout. It's 25 minutes.

For me, sometimes after a really long work day it'll feel like I come home, go to bed, wake up and repeat it all again. Squeezing in this short, 25 minute workout allows me to work in something on my schedule that is just for me and my happiness.

So last week, each night I'd come home after a long day at the office and dive right into Focus T25. All week it was the thing I'd look forward to at the end of the day. Between long meetings or on the way to long meetings or while preparing for long meetings I'd think to myself "I got Total Body Circuit tonight - wonder what it'll be like" or "Today's Friday - time for doubles!"

This is about to be a long couple of months for me. It's a very busy time of year for work, our office is going through some turnover and I just received a significant promotion. So while learning my new responsibilities and helping others get acquainted I will have much less time than I normally do during the year, but with only a 25 minute workout at the end of the day my health and fitness shouldn't have to be sacrificed.

Some people might hear about a 25 minute workout and think that it might be too light for them. First, it's probably not too light. It's 25 minutes with no breaks. Ever go to the gym and just wander around a lot between sets? Yeah, it's the opposite of that. Also, if you're really looking to go after it you can use Focus T25 as part of a great hybrid. When my schedule opens up more I envision myself doing Focus T25 in the morning and maybe doing a muscle day from P90X or start the Body Beast routine in the evening. I'm really stoked to try out Body Beast, but the opportunity to keep Shaun T workouts in my routine is outstanding. Whether you stick to the Focus T25 schedule completely, it's an addition to your home fitness library, a series of workouts you turn to when you're short on time, or anything in between Focus T25 makes sense.

Over the first week the only equipment we have needed was a yoga mat during the Ab Intervals routine. Nearly every workout we have done together in a fairly small workout space in our living room. The only workout we didn't do together was due different schedules and not space concerns.

Focus T25 is a ten-week program so we're only a tenth of the way complete, but if week 1 is any indicator - we're in for a great ten weeks.

We'll be writing here about our experiences during Focus T25 and sharing our stats along the way over the course of the program and during particular workouts.

If you're interested in checking out AND getting free coaching from us - check out Focus T25 here!

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