Saturday, July 13, 2013

Focus T25 - Second Week Review


People seemed to like our Focus T25 First Week Review. It was our fastest post ever to surpass 500 hits! It was incredible!

Off of that, we decided to put together a brief 2nd week review. The first week of any program tends to be one of the best. Everything's new and exciting and because of that the workouts fly by. Sometimes, just sometimes, you start to lose momentum after that exciting first week.

This hasn't been the case with us and Focus T25.

Yes, it's really tough for a twenty-five minute workout to drag, but over the first two week you do Cardio four times. It'd be reasonable to get sick of that routine if it wasn't that great. That hasn't been the case. Cardio remains a great example of Focus T25 and a routine that I look forward to.

Spider Lunge Push Ups from Total Body Circuit
Week 2 is nice because you start to get a better feel for the workouts. As they are only twenty-five minutes, there is no down time. So if it takes you ten to twenty seconds to figure out what they're doing, they may be just about to start the next move. As you do videos for the second, third or forth time you can really go for it (and not take the sneaky breaks you can work in during week 1 as you "try to get the moves down.")

This week was another long, busy work week as I've been taking on new responsibilities at work, moving to a new office and preparing to move to a new apartment. We've all had weeks where we find excuses and reasons to get out of workouts. This has been a week where we could've easily found excuses. But there was one big thing glaring back at us - it's only 25 minutes.

The schedule has a five-day and a six-day plan. Five day has you doing doubles on the 5th day, with the six-day plan having you doing one twenty-five minute workout each day for six days. On Friday we didn't even start our workout till 10 at night. For me, if it's 10pm I'm most likely not going to get my workout in. However, we could say - let's just do the one workout. If we're feeling good we'll do the second, but most likely we'll just do a workout tomorrow (when we knew we'd have another busy day.)

So what happened? We put in the DVD, we pushed play and we did one workout. Then what happened? At the end we said - let's finish this off!

Calf Raise Jumps from Lower Focus
I really enjoy trying for the doubles at the end of the week. It's nice to be building towards something and having a day that provides a bit of an extra challenge. I also had my Energy and Endurance before the workout so I had a little something extra in the tank by the time we started.

Week 2 was such a great indicator that Focus T25 was the program I was hoping it was going to be and that it's such a great program for the two of us. It's great to be working out together again. We get more time together as a couple and get to share in our experience while we complete Focus T25 together.

Week 3 ... we're coming for ya!

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